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Mindanao Region


	This is a Tiruray dance for girls, performed in Nuro, 
Cotabato. According to the natives the word "mag-asik" means 
to sow seeds. A large kerchief or piece of bright colored 
cloth about a yard square is spread in the middle of the floor. 
The dancers go around the cloth with small, heavy steps but with 
graceful hand and arm movements. The dance consists of two parts, 
which the natives call "komaligue" and "mag-asik". Three girls 
numbered No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 perform this dance.
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	COSTUME: The dancers wear tight blouses with long tight 
		 sleeves and a peplum  gathered at the waist. The 
		 blouse is made if shiny material in different colors. 
		 The favorite colors of the Tiruray girls are bright 
		 red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and black. A 
		 "patadiong", ankle length, is worn as a skirt. A 
		 necklace is made of gold, beads, or old silver coins 
		 is worn around the neck and reaches down to the waist. 
		 The rich wear metal belts about six inches wide. A 
		 "sarong" hangs on the left (or right) shoulder. Only 
		 the lower lip is painted.

	MUSIC is derived into two parts: A and B. It is played continuously 
	      as many times as necessary.

	COUNT: One, two to a measure.

	FORMATION: The cloth is spread on the floor or stage. The 
		   three dancers enter one by one, moving around the 
		   cloth as indicated in the direction given below.
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	I. Heavy small steps going forward, with four or more steps 
	   to a measure. Both feet are flat on the floor.

	II. Small close steps right or left. Take four close steps 
	    to one side (to change direction, feet are one fourth step). 
	    Take one close step for every count.

	III. Stand in place with the weight of the body on the left 
	     foot. The knees are slightly bent and R foot stamps four 
	     or more times to a measure. The body sways slightly to 
	     right and left following the arm and hand movements.
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Music Introduction.

	Dancers enter from backstage of from a corner. (No. 1 is 
followed in line by No. 2 and No. 3)

	Note: Music plays continuously because the number of steps 
taken in one figure cannot be estimated in this dance. Everything 
depends upon the individual dancer.
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	Girl No. 1 enters doing Step I with the following hand 

	The right (or left) hand is in continuous motion, going 
slowly up and down in this manner. When the hand goes up the fingers 
are pointed downward, stiffy and close together. The elbow is bent 
and is raised as the hand is raised. The hand moves upward (parallel 
to and close to the body), palm facing the body. When the hand goes 
down the wrist is flexed, the fingers point upward, palm facing out, 
and the elbow is lowered. The hand moves close to the body. The 
movement of the right hand is changed every four counts, four counts 
going up and four counts going down. The left (or right) hand holds 
he "sarong" down at the side with the second and third fingers 
pinching the cloth tightly.

	Girl No. 2 follows three feet behind No. 1.

	Girl No. 3 follows three feet behind No. 2.

	The three dancers circle cloth counterclockwise using Step I, 
maintaining a distance of three feet from each other.
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	Girl stand around cloth facing in, dancing Step III. Repeat 
same hand movements as in figure I.
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	Do Step I once going clockwise. Repeat counterclockwise. Hold 
hands about two inches over shoulders with palms down, fingers close 
together. Fingers are moved up and down from the wrist imitating 
the flying movements of birds, elbows close to the body.

	Dancers finish on one line in rear of cloth, facing audience.
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	Do Step II. Bend arms forward (hands horizontal on chest) 
with palms down, right hand on top of the left, fingers stiffy 
together. Lower and raise the hands slowly. (As the left hand 
goes down the right goes up and vice versa). Do this four times.

	Note: The hands are raised to shoulder level and lowered to four 
inches below the waist.
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	Do Step II eight times to the right and left alternately.

	Starting position: arms parallel to each other at left side, 
wrists flexed upward, fingers stiffy together, palms down, elbows 
straight and stiff.

	From the starting position move arms to the right side, 
keeping arms parallel to each other. At end of fourth step, 
fingers must be hyperextended and the wrists bent downward 
jerkily. (Palms always down.)

	Move arms eight times to sideward right and left. Arms 
and feet move with each change of direction.
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	With No. 1 leading, all do Step I going around cloth 
twice counterclockwise. Hands on hips with the little finger 
sticking out and waggling. Dancers finish standing around cloth 
with left shoulder toward center.
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	Do Step III. Hold "sarong" with second and third fingers 
of right (left) hand. Move hands alternately as in figure I. (As 
right hand moves up left hand goes down).

(a)	With No. 1 leading, do Step I going around cloth. No. 3 
stoops down as if picking up cloth but does not. She continues 
off stage. No. 2 does same.

(b)	No. 1 picks up the cloth by two upper corners and holds 
it between thumb and second finger. The three remaining fingers 
are separated and hyperextended. (Use both hands).

	Does Step I going forward, holding cloth in front of 
body, elbows straight. Shakes cloth in time to music.

(c)	Does Step II four times to right and left sides. Moves 
cloth to right and left side simultaneously with movements of 
the feet. Elbows remain rigid. Gives strong shake of cloth at 
end of each fourth close step.

(d)	Faces audience. Does Step III. Holds cloth in one corner 
with right hand. Left hand hangs stiffy at side with fingers and 
elbows straight, palm down. Moves right hand up and down as in 
figure I four times.
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	Does Step I. Turns around once before going out. Holds 
cloth with right hand in front of chest level. When she is turned 
away from the audience, she looks back over her right shoulder. 
Just before going off stage she puts cloth over left shoulder.
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Mindanao Dance

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