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Basic Folk Dancing Steps Quiz

Take A Short Quiz....
1.	This step is found mostly in the Bicolano 
dances. It is similar to the sway-balance step.

Bacui Step
Cut Step
2. In non-Christian dances it is usually 
done with both feet flat on the floor or the heel 
of rear foot with slightly raised.

Papuri Step
Mazurka Step
Mincing Step
3. It is a plain polka preceded by a hop before 
the first count of the music. 

Plain Polka
Hop Polka
Glide or Slide Polka
4. This was found fitted to some Filipino folk 
music and easier for small children and beginners to 

Swing Balance Series
Sway Balance Series
Polka Step Series
5. What are the counts of Kuradang Step?

Counts 1, 2.
Counts 1, and, 2, and
Counts 1, 2, 3 to a measure
6. This Step is the same as the GLide Step?

Skip Step
Slide Step
Spanish Draw
7. This step may be executed forward, backward, 
obliquely forward and backward, sideward right 
and left. 

Waltz (Natives)
8. Another name for Cross-Step-Turn?

9. It is done in the manner as the step-hop 
in the reverse order, that is, the hop is done on 
the first count and step on the second.

Paso Espaņol
10. What are the counts of heel and toe polka?

Counts 1, and, 2, and, 1, and, 2, and
Counts 1, and, 2, and.
Counts 1, 2, 3

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Folk Dancing Steps
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