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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I do if I do not hear anything from what
   Microsoft Agent Merlin says?
	Answer: Just try to download Microsoft Agent 
		components to

2. What will I do if I can't view the videos attach?
	Answer: Just try to download Quick Time
		Player at

3. Why don't you add more pictures or video clips of 
folkdances ?
	Pictures:  I do not have much server space to 
	upload pictures for each dance.  Also, I did not 
	want to slow down the pages with too many graphics 
	and images. There are plenty of folkdance company 
	websites out there that do show pictures, but do not 
	provide a background/history for each dance.  

	Video clips:  The same space limitations apply as for 

4. What will I do if I want to stop Microsoft Agent Merlin
   from talking?
	Answer: Just move your mouse-pointer on Merlin 
		then right click it then Hide

5. If you have more questions just 

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